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About Us

Our History
LDS Appliances, Spares and Repairs was established in 1985 and has been providing residents across Pretoria with excellent service ever since. With a team of skilled technicians and professional staff, we have built a reputation for providing quality repairs in the convenience of our customers’ homes. Our repairs are guaranteed for three months and we work on all leading brands of domestic appliances, gas and electric.

Our ability to supply spares and consumables when needed and our attention to detail ensure that the repair job gets done quickly and is done well. We have established a loyal customer base, with repeat business, word of mouth recommendations and client satisfaction driving our business over the years.
Our Mission
Whether you would like to repair your household appliance yourself, or leave to our experienced technicians, we are here to assist.
We are committed to service excellence, quick response times and have a well-established reputation for good workmanship. We strive to offer guaranteed and quality on-site appliance repairs at an affordable rate.
We understand our customers’ requirements and are committed to meeting their needs with efficient and cost-effective services.

DIY Appliance Repairs

Visit out Lynnwood store to purchase the spares you need to repair your appliance over the counter. Our staff have years of experience and will offer the very best advice.

Typical DIY Repairs, and appliance maintenance include:
• Oven and fridge globe replacement
• Oven door seal replacement
• Fridge water filter replacement
• Washing machine and dishwasher leak

Appliance Repairs in the Comfort of Your Home

We come to your home and repair a range of appliances on-site.
Simply book a call through our website, or by calling our offices, and we will send out a technician at a time that is convenient for you.

Speak to one of our friendly technicians today.

Call 012 993 0006

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